Instructions to enjoy your experience at GAMBITO BCN. Chap. 1


Dear customer, dear friend,

We want you to have a great experience at GAMBITO BCN. That’s why we have written the following manual. Please read it carefully, so you’re sure you won’t end up in the emergency services because of incorrect use of the cutlery, or even worse, having lunch in the wrong place.

First of all, you have to decide to visit us. You can come alone or in good company. If you can not find anyone to go with you, do not change your mind. We will gladly start a conversation with you. But if you do not feel like talking, we have free wifi and the daily newspapers.

You will need the directions to come to GAMBITO BCN. We are in Barcelona, calle Rosselló 242, nexto to Paseo de Gràcia, in the same block as La Pedrera. You can arrive walking, running, by car, bus, metro, bike, scooter… We do not recommend to come by air balloon. It’s not easy to park, and if the day is windy you’ll never know if you will end up having lunch in Narnia.

Once you arrive, you will find our extensive menu posted outside by the front door, where you will surely find something that tempts. But if you are thinking about crêpes, pizza, kebab or doughnouts, it will be very hard for us to please you. Nevertheless, we will offer you one of our amazing cocktails before you continue your search.

We will offer you to sit inside or in our terrace. Some days the weather will make you decide quickly, but others, due to our mild weather, no matter where you sit, it will be the right decision.

If your are a handsome or beautiful person, we will seat you in a table near the street. We have observed that beautiful people attract more clients. If you are not a wonder of nature, we won’t let you know, and you will sit wherever you desire to do it.

When seated, we will bring you the menu, with our daily proposals, while we prepare your beberage. We have lots of drinking options. If you are a shy person, we recommend our relaxing and emboldening cocktails. If you are not shy, remember to drink in moderation.

Soon we will publish the second chapter of this Manual. And remember to be careful if you come by air balloon!